White Dreadlocks and the Pettiness of Social Media Justice

Punks gotta punk
  1. I am not denying any oppression, systemic racism, other shit parts of capitalism, etc. I’m bringing them up in how they’re used to silence people. Context is key. You know this. Why are you fucking lying about me denying or downplaying systemic racism, you fucking imaginary straw man piece of shit?
  2. I am not going to indicate what is and isn’t sarcasm. You learned what sarcasm was in first grade. Your social ineptitude and illiteracy are on you, straw boy. Addendum: I have been made aware that autistic people have trouble distinguishing sarcasm. That being said, just don’t read this then. You’re missing out on nothing but me ranting and raving.
  3. Restating the exact things I am rebuking, word per word, is not a rebuttal. It’s being a parrot. “You don’t understand, [same exact argument I’ve already addressed.]” Does Straw Poly want a cracker?
  4. Variations of ad hominems and comeback memes are not a counter argument. They never were. All they prove is that you’re clout chasing for attention. It’s the antics of a Reply Guy; just a performance piece for screenshots.
  5. “You don’t make any sense or have a narrative” isn’t a rebuttal, it’s proof of incompetence. Your inability to follow the plot ain’t my problem. If you can’t put 2 and 2 together to come to 4, there is no hope for you as a functional adult.
  6. This is not a college essay, this is the fucking internet. We’re all liars, losers, idiots, and dimwits here. If I was going to publish something well researched I’d do it in a political science journal and have professionals help me fact check and edit it. This is medium. You will find more articles about how birds aren’t real than on why we should give a shit about climate change. Fuck you, straw man imaginary critique. I don’t have to take this shit! I’m sick of you and your complete inability to keep crows out of the field! You had one job, straw man, and thanks to you the harvest is ruined and Jeremiah is gonna starve this winter. Hope you’re happy!

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And worst of all, Korn is still making albums and nobody is going to do anything about it.



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